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Columbia, Missouri, U.S.A.

As Missouri is located in the center of the U.S., Columbia is located in the center of Missouri. 


Columbia is consistently ranked as one of the best known towns in America in many ways - The Most Hardworking Town, Best College Town, Best Places to Live - and is known for its scholastic, entrepreneurial, and art-strong business communities. 


With a population of 113, 000+ residents, the city is truly a town and comes alive when the 30,000+ students arrive from all over the world to attend Mizzou and the other higher education institutions in town. 


Nicknamed “Athens of Missouri” as a reference to its classical beauty and educational emphasis, Columbia maintains a safe small-town environment, rich with multi-cultural opportunities, and in close proximity to urban activities such as concerts, shopping, and sporting events, only 90 minutes away in St. Louis and Kansas City. 


Missouri is located in geographic center of the U.S., and home to 10 fortune 500 companies. 


Explorers will visit some of these companies in their career exploration such as Boeing, Monsanto, Anheuser Busch Inbev.


To learn more visit the City of Columbia site.  



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