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Join our Virtual Ambassador team

MIE Virtual™ Ambassador Program
Open to all majors of undergraduate Mizzou students.

Whether your goal is to make an impact, enhance your professional development or straighten your resume, ​the MIE Virtual™ Ambassador position may be just what you have been looking for. It is OK if you have no previous experience. We provide extensive, self-pace (via Canvas) and live online training (via Zoom) that cover topics such as facilitation and intercultural communication skills. It is our goal to support you throughout the process so you can be a successful ambassador. These skills are highly transferable to your dream career!

This is an ongoing project. You may apply at anytime throughout the year.

  • Lead international and US high school students to explore new topics and interests while helping to build 21st-century skills and connections among a diverse network.

  • Facilitate discussion and engaging activities with your small team surrounding a variety of topics

  • Be a mentor and a role model for students

  • Engage students in practicing 21st century competencies: collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity.

As an ambassador,  you will..

Why Join

Why join the virtual ambassador team?

  • Get the opportunity to make a global impact virtually from your chosen location

  • Be part of a global professional network of highly motivated high school students, fellow ambassadors and MIE staff team members

  • Improve yourself through professional development trainings and engaging in highly interactive work environment

  • Practice your 21st century competencies: collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity.

  • Build your resume with an official Certificate of Experience (upon completion of the program requirements)

Certificate of Experience - Virtual .png

Currently available virtual experience:


        Social Hours: Thursday 6 pm CDT


​    August:

  • Social hours: Thursday 8 am CDT  
    Social Hours: Thursday 6 pm CDT

Program Dates
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